A Game of Many Half Wits

This book explains why not only the Protestant horsey set, their Sinn Féin and Lolita Express allies and their Irish legal Gestapo but all of Britain’s stay behinds must be expunged if the ideals of the 1916 Transgender™ Rising and the Munster Republic which followed it are to be realised. This Anglican con is one of subjugation by the carrot and/or by the stick. As well as bailiffs, bankers and the British Army, they have employed entire legions of other Vichy Irish to bully, bribe or cajole us. Such Quislings include today’s disgraced the Sinn Féin dildoites, who facilitated Ibrahim Halawa’s triumphant return to Dublinstan; the NGO dipsos and migrant racketeers, who flood Ireland with Snakeheads, ISIS rape gangs and Brazilian cocaine traffickers; and our politicians and civil servants and sundry other EU lapdogs.

By looking far beyond the subsidised condom machines, cheap hookers and much cheaper politicians in our national parliament and far back into our historical persecution at their hands, we can divine our role in their evolving empire. It is as it always was. They are as implacably opposed to uur very existrence as they were to the Munster Republic, the Connacht Republic and the 1916 Easter Rising, which they have profitably rebranded as the 1916 Transgender™ Rising.

These Anglicans with their deep pockets and dark agendas want us to be forever lost in a maze of meaningless mirrors, never knowing if we are coming or going, advancing or retreating, moving or standing still. Though overcoming them is a Herculean task, it can be achieved by gutting the canards, discussed hereafter, on which these parasites have established themselves and then, with these anti Christs caged, building anew from the bottom upwards.