Trust Transgenderism™

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Adolf Hitler’s elite SS Leibstandarte bodyguards kick started today’s LGBT industry when they dressed as drag queens in the 1942 film Die Grosse Liebe (The Great Love), featuring Zarah Leander, one of the Führer’s favourite film stars. Their cinematic appeal was that they were hand-picked to be approximately of the same height. It was this, their peas in an Aryan pod uniformity, that eventually made these toughest of tough cases pioneer drag queens. Hitler’s elite drag queen bodyguard are not the only group complicating our LGBT abacus. Stress often drove Hitler’s elite front line troops to put on drag shows and Hitler, as a review of his penchant for leather jock straps or a glance at the victims of his Night of the Long Knives would show, was as camp as a row of tents. From a Nazi point of view, Adolf Hitler’s elite SS Leibstandarte drag queens were in the best of company.
And, though Hitler’s SS Leibstandarte gender benders were obviously fine physical specimens, even better male specimens are today transitioning to females where they are winning all kinds of sex segregated sports that were once the preserve of girls and women and bringing us a bizarre clone of Huxley’s Brave New World. Transgender activist Rachel McKinnon is a world champion in women’s cycling and muscle bound transgender giants are increasingly winning all women’s track and field they choose to enter. When former British swimmer Sharron Davies stated that trans athletes should not compete in female events to “protect women’s sport”, the burly McKinnon said Davies was “sharing hate speech”. Lesbian icon, tennis icon Martina Navratilova, was condemned as “transphobic” for merely suggesting that transgender women had “unfair” physical advantages over female opponents.
Since Andrew Burns, one of Scotland’s most dangerous prisoners, changed his name to Tiffany Scott, he has steadfastly refused to take cross-sex hormones or to undergo transition surgery and he insists that only female prison guards conduct his strip searches as he is a woman. Scott asserts, in very unladylike language, the presiding judge who refused to acknowledge her gender at sentencing, is obviously a ‘f***ing transphobe bastard’.
Burns has his allies and advocates. Munroe Bergdorf, for example, is a transgender model the London chapter of the global Women’s March chose to explain to the pussy hat wearing masses that laws preventing brothel-keeping were bad for women and that the British media is transphobic. Bergdorf was the keynote speaker at the ‘Woman With A Camera’ event at the British Film Institute, despite zero directing or producer credits. Transgender activist Shon Faye hosted the Women Making History event at Amnesty International UK and transgender activist Paris Lees won the Words by Women journalism prize, before appearing on the cover of Vogue as one of the ‘New Suffragettes’. Trans women, it seems, make much better and much more inclusive women than wrinkly old vaginas like Mary Robinson, Ivana von Bacik and Catherine Zappone who made their fortunes masquerading as leaders of women.
And of transitioning children. British primary school children are now immersed in compulsory homosexual and transgender ideology from the age of five as part of compulsory lessons that keep transgender purveyors in gainful employment indoctrinating them. As transphobic Muslim parents, however, believe these new laws are Islamophobic, the various professional victims’ groups are squaring up against each other. Queen Lactatia, aka Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, aka Baby Drag Artist Extraordinaire, is a ten-year-old Canadian school boy and a very popular drag queen, whose photographs of her head suggestively burrowing into the crotch of a sexually aroused, almost completely naked adult male took the Internet by storm. The TNT Boys are a group of sexed up Pinoy child drag queens, who have taken the Philippines by storm.
Tom O’Carroll and other Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) pioneers are, unsurprisingly, having hard ons over all this and are delighted today’s pedophiles have such delights increasingly available to them and theirs. Sinn Fé
in, meanwhile, have massive marches in Dublin in support of these perverts, whose sartorial style Sinn Féin’s senators surpass. If you care to wonder, just look at them dressed as dogs and as didldo sucking babies on these marches and then google what Sinn Féin Senator Fintan Warfield wears as he carries posters equating 1916 transgender Rising Patrick Pearse with transgender icon David Bowie. How can Ireland ever be taken seriously on the international stage with patriots like this roaming the street in gimp suits?
Meanwhile, a transgender man is pregnant. Or, if you prefer, a single parent who was born a woman but lives as a man, is pregnant. The man wants to be identified as the child’s parent on a birth certificate. If the courts rule in favour of the man, the baby could be the first person born in England and Wales who will not legally have a mother. The man says being forced to register as a ‘mother’ breaches his human right to respect for private and family life. Sinn Féin insist we must admire this progress if we don’t want to suffer the consequences.
The luxury Dorchester Hotel’s dress code demands female employees always wear full makeup, get manicures, and shave their legs ‘even if wearing tights.’ Although most trade unionists reject these clearly sexist standards imposed on these minimum wage employees, India Willoughby, previously known as Jonathan Willoughby, the first trans-identified presenter to host an all-female British TV talk show, supports this sexist dress code for women. When she was asked would she have shaved her legs when living as a man, Willoughby claimed to find the question not only offensive but bizarre as men should not have to shave their legs or, indeed, their testicles. Willoughby’s misogynistic assertion asks us to question how Willoughby, who identifies as a woman, managed to avoid all the social expectations, sexism, and misogyny imposed on women for his 50 years living as a man, something that all other females cannot escape.
Although transphobic hate crime is apparently at the same epidemic levels as Islamophobic, homophobic, sexophobic, Blackophobic and Semitophobic crimes, Britain’s first transgender hate crime prosecution was thrown out by a judge who declared: ‘There is no case and never was a case.’ Miranda Yardley was put ‘through ten months of hell’ after being accused of harassing a transgender activist on Twitter. Yardley describes himself as a transsexual but identifies as a man, even though he previously underwent gender reassignment to get a vagina. Despite his own experience, Yardley’s contention is that individuals cannot change sex. His accuser, Helen Islan, who is a married genetic woman with teenage children, one of whom is transgender, works with the trans advocacy group Mermaids, which campaigns for children who “want” to change gender. After Yardley showed Islan had a dog – and a transgender career and child – in the fight, Islan set the infamous West Yorkshire Police, who were also sent to sort me out, to harass Yardley, who could show in court that Islan had swamped social media with posts of herself, her child and her transgender gig.
Although Essex Police joked that ‘We take all reports of hate crime incidents seriously,’ barrister Amanda Jones, who has represented clients accused of ‘anti trans’ comments, contradicts their bullshit: ‘The police and the CPS routinely ignore rape threats, death threats and abusive material targeted at women online. The entire criminal justice system is falling apart from underfunding and this case appears to have been a complete waste of public funds.’
The transgender equality agenda has advanced through Britain’s institutions with such extraordinary speed that promoting ‘trans rights’ rather than combating knife crime or terrorism is now the primary concern of healthcare, policing, education and the tattooed thugs of the West Yorkshire Police. All this has been done opaquely and without scrutiny. Women have been raped in prison by trans inmates, Mike Tyson lookalike trans athletes win all before them, castrated children are increasingly fast tracked into taking hormones and lesbian tennis icon Martina Navratilova and other critics of this madness come under unrelenting fire from transwoman world champion and Mike Tyson doppelgänger Rachel McKinnon and other Sinn Féin swamp creatures for being transphobic. Who are we to opine?
Britain’s main NHS gender dysphoria clinic for children has seen a 20-fold increase in referrals, even though most of the toddlers Islan’s Mermaids ‘pro-trans lobby’ get them to target for their Mengele experiments are vulnerable, have mental health problems and/or are autistic. Instead of dealing with these outliers, they are treated as the norm and schoolgirls who don’t want to share toilets with horny guys dressed as gals are treated as criminals and likewise face arrest.
Meanwhile, Dr Richard Paulson, former president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said there was no anatomical reason why a womb could not be successfully implanted into a transgender woman and that giving those blokes uteruses is an urgent human rights’ issue. Although womb transplant surgery is being seen as a major cause for hope for those who suffer from Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, a scenario when a woman fails to develop a proper uterus and vagina yet has normal ovarian functions and normal external genitalia, the mega bucks are pandering to the trans brigade. Although MRKH syndrome is thought to affect around 1 in every 4,500 women, the demand among trans women is far greater as they assert their rights to give birth to their own legions Sinn Féin anti Christs.
American parents, who object to convicted child molesters grooming their children under the guise of helping them transform their gender and fry their brains are finding out what they are up against: a supposed civil rights movement so indelibly tied to the capitalist marketplace that it sells fashion, makeup, hormones, surgery, cosmetology services, movies, TV series, mental health treatment, and women’s underwear, whilst being underwritten by billionaire philanthropists, transnational technology, pharmaceutical and banking conglomerates as well as the CIA and MI6. Children are being prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, sterilized, and groomed into lifelong medical patients and consumers in more than 50 U.S. gender clinics that didn’t exist ten years ago.
Transgenderism™ is taking the business world by storm. Whoopi Goldberg has her own trans modeling company on Oprah’s Oxygen network. Supernatural Extraterrestrial and Co, a high-fashion clothing line, promotes their willingness to embrace a future of male pregnancy. A look at their new clothing line for 2019 has men strutting fashion runways in pregnancy prosthesis. Trans celebrities are on constant display in the media, being celebrated as if having body dysphoria were a badge of honour. Cosmopolitan magazine offers breast-binding guide for young girls. Cosmetology consultant services are a growing business offering help to “trans women.” Crayola has created a new gender-fluid make-up, and Jecca has started a line just for “transgender” people.
Jazz Jennings, a male teen who recently had his penis surgically removed, identifies as a transgender woman and has been on many major talk-shows since his family decided he was transgender when Jenings was only four years old. Jennings has his own reality TV series, chronicling his transition and how it is affecting him and his family. He also has his own trans foundation and has received many awards and accolades. A children’s storybook about his life, which normalizes for young school children the idea that they can become the opposite sex, has been adopted as part of some school curriculums. Sinn Féin have given all this their AK 47 imprimatur.
TomBoyX is a woman’s undergarment company. It uses the term “tomboy” in its company name to denote a girl who enjoys so-called stereotypical boy activities like running and climbing trees to sell boxer shorts and comfortable underwear to women. Their message is of empowerment, not being hemmed in by feminine attire, but able to run and feel free “like a boy,” by donning clothes like his, but made for a woman’s body. In a recent ad they chose an attractive young woman with double mastectomy scars donning their boxers under a caption that reads: “This canvas was given to you but you made it your own. You crafted your own story. Share it with the world. #moretome.”
This Sinn Féin message is a clear glorification of chosen body disfigurement posing as self-actualization and liberation, sickness as wellness, self-hatred made into empowerment, and cutting and maiming female flesh for public consumption via uber-marketing. George Orwell must be turning over in his grave with the language of doublespeak as prime-time advertisement.
Men at the highest echelons of society—such as billionaire philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker and the creator of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Martine Rothblatt—are claiming not just a transgender identity, but for Rothblatt, that of a transhumanist as well. Rothblatt believes “transgenderism is the onramp to transhumanism,” the precursor to superhumans. Rothblatt’s book, “From Transgender to Transhumanism,” reads like a blueprint for the modern-day trans project to infiltrate every sector of our societies. If that sounds preposterous, scientists are already looking at changing our biology as a way to deal with climate change.
This is happening at a time in our history when the escalation of robots and artificial intelligence are also surging in the marketplace with female-simulated robot sex dolls that are frighteningly close in texture and appearance to real humans acting as stand-in prostitutes in brothels, and for some men, stand-in women in relationships. Robot nannies that supposedly offer guidance and friendship for children while their parents are away, are being marketed by Mattel and other corporations as “the future of raising children.”
London’s Goldsmiths University has an annual conference, Love and Sex with Robots; their experts believe we will marry robots before long. Chess whizz David Levy believes wedding bells will be ringing any day soon as men sweep robots off what passes for their feet.
As the technology develops and as society gets softened up to the idea of being intimate with robots, Levy may well be right. Irrespective of whether trans inc is presented as intense body dysphoria, sexual-fetishization, social contagion, a civil rights movement, or cultural gender-bending that speaks the language of the progressive left while actually cementing gender stereotyping, being hyper-capitalistic and censorious, it is normalising biology-shifting through chemicals and surgery. Trans Inc is literally Sinn Féin capitalism on and with Big Pharma’s toxic steroids.