Rise, O Voices of Rhodesia

Rise, O voices of Rhodesia,

God may we Thy bounty share.

Give us strength to face all danger,

And where challenge is, to dare.

Although racist Rhodesia’s national anthem is no longer heard at the Olympics, the European Union has adopted it for their national (sic) anthem, even though it has muffled the words so as not to offend the pet Africans they keep around to maintain their diversity quotas. That said, if EU actions speak louder than Rhodesian words, then the July 2019 reconvening of the EU Parliament showed what a laughable crock of shit this fascist conglomeration of clowns is. As the unelected EU officials called the MEPs to order and as some hired gaggle of big breasted beauties belted oua cannon gun of a fart. Britain’s Brexit Party, a mixture of menopausal Trotskyites, non-binary Conservative Unionists, ballroom dancers, belly dancers and Christian bakers, turned their backsides on the proceedings and also farted along to Voices of Rhodesia. As did the Bollox to Brexit clad British Liberal Democrats, as, Punch and Judy style, they berated the Brexit farters. Irish MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, who were caught in the crossfire, held their noses and flaunted jaunty trendy Julian Assange tops. Ming Flanagan, their mate, sported a cute refugees welcome number and on it went, with every other over paid nonentity struggling to have their own narcissistic message broadcast to convince the plebs that these parasites were worthy patricians that should not be fed to the lions of the nearest zoo.

Although the imperial appointment of Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen to become the first female president of the European Commission was, meanwhile, described in Ireland’s Belgian-owned media as being a victory for Ireland, it wasn’t quite explained why Ireland should celebrate the appointment of a hard core Nazi to front an anti democratic, anti Irish group. German ethnic cleanser Ursula Von der Leyen is, in fact, very much on board with Coolmore Country. The ideal Ireland today’s Nazis would have, the Ireland thais Eva Braun reincarnation has wet dreams of, would be the home of a multi cultural, unanchored mass of cowed people who valued material wealth as an end in itself, of a broken people who, making do only with frugal comfort, devoted their leisure to the things of the vacuous – a land whose countryside would be bright with mandarin holiday homesteads, whose fields and villages would be barren and bare, with the mandarins humping the horny children, the castration of athletic youths and the laughter of happy transexuals, whose Facebooks would be forums for the wisdom of recycled cliches.

Eva Braun’s wet dreams are not a pipe dream. Stud farms and dairy ranchers continue to cleanse Kickham’s Holes of Tipperary of family farms, ISIS and their ANTIFA anarchist allies continue to attack Irish Catholic sites and statues and vacuous hypocrites like Bono continue to make pronouncements on behalf of Transgender™ in what the media used to call the silly season. Hindus rape men, women, children, dogs and pregnant goats and make blind Muslims and Christians say prayers to Lord Ram as they abuse them. Dublin’s soccer ANTIFAs give Muslim extremist Izzy Akinade a standing ovation for gang raping a child and wish him God Speed to Vietnam where Gary Glitter raped children. Izzy the animal and his high flying barristers silenced five national newspapers, something not even Glitter could do. Justice Bernard Barton, in a series of five separate cases, ruled that the Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Breaking News Eire, Sunday World and Nationalist and Leinster Times could not expose Izzy the Animal because, as the good Justice explained, Izzy the Animal was a ‘hot prospect for the future for Irish football’ and such ‘hot and hung prospects’ are needed to fill diversity quotas. Before coming down on Bohemians’ Izzy the Animal Antifa crowd, we should remember that ISIS terrorist Madhi Al Harati got a standing ovation on Ireland’s Late Late Show. Gibbon wrote about such extremists and their penchant for copulating with pregnant goats, and St Paul catalogued them in his Epistle to the Romans, when he described the fall of the Roman Empire.