Taigs is a derogatory word for Irish Catholics like me. It was also a name I got several years ago when I first dabbled in web pages.  I like the name as it evokes my favourite tactics and themes. My colours are fairly well nailed to the mast now: kick against the pricks and keep the faith, as St Paul said (not that anyone was listening). Although the deterministic world view of our youth is gone and we live in uncertainty, we must still hold firm and affirm our age old truths, evne if it means using language St Paul would disapprove of.

Google shows I have many interests, ranging from NATO’s wars of extermination to the arts and things of the mind. I have been hounded by the media, various NATO state apparatuses ad more and I spell out all the lessons from those and other gnats on this site.

These are four good, incisive books, with one more to come

This is a new book you can buy on Amazon.